Vintage Wedding Dresses: Custom Made Dreams

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"Times are hard for dreamers", said a character from the enigmatic French movie Amélie.

Times are hard indeed for those who still dream of tasting the exquisite beauty of certain moments - falling in love, spending lazy afternoons in the summer with your beloved one, listening together to the music from the same headphones.
All those things today may seem a tiny bit affected - times are hard for those who understand their significance.

Yet it's worth indulging in dreams - even those that may seem frivolous or obsolete. For example, do you remember when you used to dream of your future wedding dress?

The Perfect Wedding Dress

Even though customs and traditions are changing, the modern woman deciding to get married today still wishes to wear the perfect wedding dress.

"Perfect" means loads of extremely variable things, of course. The first and most important prerequisite is to make the bride appear and feel amazing (non-negotiable quality);
secondly, it should represent you in front of others and tell more about who you are (and keep doing it through memories and pictures);
it should follow and highlight your figure, recalling your personality.

From a deeper and more spiritual point of view, it should lead and guide you like a voiceless guardian angel.

When talking wedding dresses, you should not just find a dress you like. You should meet the dress of your life.


Why Choosing a Vintage Wedding Dress

A vintage wedding dress is a choice for experts, for those looking for something truly exclusive.
In a period when the industry of fast fashion dictates a homologated fashion, high quality vintage clothes give back to their owners the right and pleasure to build an impeccable aesthetic defining their specific personality.

There's a reason why Grace Kelly's, Audrey Hepburn's and Princess Diana's wedding dresses remained engraved in history.
It's the magical combination between the extreme precision of manufacturing, the wonderful luxury of beautiful fabrics and the tailored design not only for the bride's body, but also for her soul.

For this reason, finding the elegance and customization of those years again turns out to be essential. A vintage wedding dress offers several benefits in this sense.

Exclusivity and Quality

Real fashion and style lovers know that well: there's nothing more boring than the "already seen" or worn, the too much fashionable trends.
A vintage wedding dress is unique: it will never be an industrial product from the latest collections, but an object created with passion by luxury brands or ateliers when craftsmanship, especially in the field of wedding dresses, was particularly precise and elaborate.


The range of designs you can choose from is extremely wide. The bride can choose the best pieces from the most beautiful decades, from the Fifties to the most recent ones, and find the style and design that fit her better and like the most.


That charm, that grace, that je-ne-sais-quoi that only a vintage dress can offer, with the fascination of a certain age and time. It's not just a product created after a cold analysis. It's the difference between industrial and precious, slow wine: one is for consumers, the other is for collectors.


Vintage Wedding Dresses at A.N.G.E.L.O.

A.N.G.E.L.O. offers to future, sophisticated brides dresses designed from the 1950s to the 1990s, from luxury brands and with fine designs, handmade details and embroideries. These are made by the best maisons and historical ateliers.

The silhouettes of our exquisite selection sum up the best of wedding fashion history, from the long 1970s dresses to the 1980s baloon skirts, throughout 1990s luxury pieces like Armani, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Atelier Aimée.

To complete the bridal look, the finest selection of accessories, like long, elegant lace or silk gloves, 1970s flower tiaras and lovely hair combs and hats, pearl strings making wrists and cleavages glow, delicate and sophisticated jackets and princess-inspired pumps.


Customized Personal Advice

A.N.G.E.L.O. pampers you with a journey towards the perfect dress.

The future bride benefits from a step-by-step consultancy for choosing the perfect dress, getting customized advice from an expert depending on her needs, her body shape and the kind of imaginary she wants to recreate.

Visit our online store and let yourself get lost through our selection of designer and high quality handcrafted wedding dresses.

Choose one or more dresses you'd like to try on and contact us to request an appointment at our boutique.

You'll be able to try on a beautiful customized selection of dresses. The expert will suggest how to style them and the best adjustments for you. You'll find the dress of your dreams in a chic, polished environment where your wishes are the only thing that counts.



For the modern dreamer, who still keep in her heart the dress she used to dream of when she was a girl.

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