Vintage fair Forlì Angelo autumn

From Friday 26th to Sunday 28th October 2018
Fiera di Forlì (FC), Italy

Vintage fashion universe and lifestyle are going to meet in Forlì for the always delightful vintage fair Vintage! La moda che vive due volte.

A long list of vintage fashion exhibitors, but also music, concerts, fancy makeup and so many other retro style fun events.

To give you a quick sneak peek, we can already announce that our archive will curate the exhibition Yves Saint Laurent: il fabbricante di felicità (Maker of Happiness) - showcasing some exclusive archive clothing pieces from the iconic French designer.

At the A.N.G.E.L.O.'s corner, we will be pleased to welcome you with selection of vintage and second-hand clothing and accessories.

Let's meet on this enchanting weekend at the end of October, celebrating together style and beauty.

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