The Tie and All of Its Secrets

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A survey from 2011 showed that a man wearing suit and tie is considered much more attractive by women.
Another poll from 2014 stated that 63% of news viewers feel more reassured when watching a anchormen wearing the tie.
Studies generally agree that men wearing a tie are considered more ambitious, cultivated and honest.

Can such a thin part of fabric change the perception others have of us or even make us appear more attractive?
The answer is definitely yes. Here's how.

History and Philosophy of the Tie

To understand why the tie is such an enigmatic and sexy accessory, let's take a step back.

Ancestors of the tie appear for the first time on the neck of Croatian soldiers in France, during the first part of the XVII Century, under the reign of Louis XIV - more commonly known as the Sun King.
Even Voltaire mentions them in The Age of Louis XIV as thin "scarves" soldiers use to protect their throats from the cold.

From the war to the equestrian field, the tie slowly turns into more of a fashion: poets and artists like Browning and Hawtorne used to wear it during the XIX Century;
during the first years of XX Century, important fashion magazines like Vogue andArt-Goût-Beauté define ties as the most exquisite accessory men can wear, changing it depending on the place and situation.

During the 1960s, the tie is still a trend - just have a look at any picture of a pretty significant band, the Beatles.
However, during the student protests it starts to become a little less fashionable:
University students and even professors stop coming to class with the tie, as if it represented an order or a regimen people cannot accept during that particular time - even visually.

Yet from its birth, the tie never stopped showing a high status and style.
This probably means that, today as in the past, wearing a tie correctly and elegantly is not simple, because it requires a basic knowledge of its gestures - which still is pretty uncommon.
Just think, for example, that only aristoratic men could once afford the assistance necessary for wearing it correctly, having to use an entire group of servants.

The tie is maybe a more complex accessory than others, but the resulting charm compensates each second spent while learning its techniques.


How to Choose Your Tie

The type of tie and knot you choose depends on the situation and may change everything: here's a brief guide with essential guidelines.
Just keep in mind what really counts, both if you're a man wishing to improve your appearance and if you're a woman wishing to give a special gift to your lover: it's all about proportions, colours and textiles.


Compared to print, solid colour allows for enhancing the textiles' structrure and texture more. The most chic and used colours are deep red, blue, sand and green.

Prints, on the oher side, convey the personality of the man wearing the tie, create a "break" in monotonous outfits and enrich even the most impersonal suits without being too bold.

The choice here depends more on the man's personality. The only rule? The tie colour should be more intense than the suit's and darker than the shirt's.


When talking ties there's one king fabric: silk. Polished or opaque, silk emanates a natural, spontaneous alllure of sensual luxury and highlights any colour.
Any man would appear attractive and charming with a silk tie, conveying an image of confidence and authority.

You can also wear beautiful ties in wool, cotton and linen, for a touch of simplicity and discretion.

How to Tie a Tie

There have been so many types of knots in history, but only two techniques are still the ones you need to know to be an expert.

The first one is the basic knot, which should be tight and clean, not loose. The everyday perfection.
The second one is the half-Windsor knot, taking its name from the Duke of Windsor who invented it: it's a double knot, sophisticated and elaborate.

Here's how to tie these knots:

How to tie the basic knot

Basic knot

How to tie the semi-windsor knot

Semi-Windsor knot


The Tie and the Pleasure of Choosing It

Today the everyday dress code has turned more casual, and the tie is often reserved for more special and formal occasions.
Yet, there's no men's accessory with such an aura of elegant virility - few ladies wouldn't be charmed by a well-dressed man wearing a tie.

The most exciting thing is that if once you had to wear a tie, today you choose to do it for pure aesthetic pleasure.
After all, the tie generally represents a strong manly sexuality and self-confidence.

Since today ties are for style connoisseurs, you should choose it carefully and prefer quality over economy.
Vintage is here to help out, making ties from luxury brands and excellent designs more accessible.

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