NEXT VINTAGE spring edition

From April 22nd to 25th
Viale Dante Alighieri 3, Belgioioso - Lombardia / Belgioioso Castle,

Next Vintage fashion shows at Belgioioso Castle is in its spring edition from April 22nd to 25th and it will bring up a creative mix of eras, a blend of classic and contemporary for an innovative effect where the protagonists will be the cuts and precious fabrics .

Four days, immersed in the great fashion game, stirring, finding and matching the most unusual clothes, pieces that convey emotions and memories that make us feel good. The charm of the past is combined with today's fashion and become a must of the contemporary style.

Vintage, this term accepted in the common parlance of fashion in the 90s to introduce the concept of rarity and selection among retro clothing today is a phenomenon that comes out of his niche dimension to embrace more and more current costumes trends.
A.N.G.E.L.O. It can not miss in a beautiful scenary like this and awaits you with a rich selection.

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