Let's be honest: who never dreamt about walking into a shop and feel the excitement of buying loads of beautiful clothes and spend almost nothing?

Of course, this is out of question in most of the common stores. But you know, here at  A.N.G.E.L.O. we love making our customers' dreams come true. That's why we created Mani nel sacco (which for all English-speakers would be like "Hands in the cookie jar"), a once-in-a-while event where you can unleash your love for vintage and second-hand fashion doing "maxi" shopping at "mini" prices.

Halfway between a shopping experience and a fashion game, there is just one limitation: time!

Just few simple rules:
1) fix your budget by choosing among 3 types of shopping bags (15, 25 or 35 €);
2) you have 10 minutes to pick up, try on and fill up your bag as much as you can (without breaking it!).

As you may notice, it really depends on how quick you are selecting and filling up your bag with everything you like and better suits your style. Sure enough, accepting this challenge means putting your hands on beautiful vintage clothes and accessories for men and women at a special price.

Mani nel sacco is the thrill of the possibility of getting what you want. Be prepared: it can be highly addictive!

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