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Angelo Vintage Snapback Cap 1990s

Nothing like a baseball cap, otherwise said snapback, turns a plain, impersonal look into the perfect subject for a streetstyle picture.

What's a Snapback Cap?

A snapback cap is a sporty cap initially conceived for baseball players, with a visor and an adjustable fastening on the back.

At the very beginning, it was merely a functional accessory: in 1860, Brooklyn Excelsior baseball team used to wear it to protect the eyes from the sun during matches;
it was then more and more used, and many different types were available, depending con the colour and front logo indicating the respective teams.

However, during the 1980s and the 1990s, the snapback went beyond the baseball field, with the help of the hip hop and rap culture - musicians used to wear it in their music videos - and the massive diffusion in television and magazines of celebrities and athletes like Michael Jordan, who used to wear it comfortably even during their free time.

The most fashionable youngsters loved it: the reference brand was New Era, producing baseball caps since the 1950s for "real" baseball players.
In fact, the forerunner who made snapbacks a cult was Spike Lee, a real sports and fashion affectionate, who in 1996 asked the New Era's CEO to have one of his own in a vivid red colour.
Like what we would call an influencer in present days, Spike Lee turned snapbacks into the ultimate accessory you need to have to be truly cool, regardless of your gender, interest for sports or occasion.

Like everything streetstyle, the snapback has the ability to convey a sense of lightheartedness but also thrilling style,
as if you were just wearing it casually to hide a hangover or a bad-hair day - it's never like that, obviously... it also serves these purposes though.

How to Wear a Snapback

The snapback is such a democratic accessory that enhances any look both for men and women. If you think you can't match a snapback with much more than a sporty look, welcome to the snapback's endless list of potentialities: in fact, it's in contrast with other styles that the baseball caps become more stylistically interesting.

Edgy Style

If you want to have an allure of an off-duty young professional, just match the snapback with business coats with an important design like those from the 1980s; it also matches with a smart, minimal trench or clean, high quality leather jackets. Add a soft shirt or blouse and biker boots and you're good to go.

Casual Style

Joining an open-air festival with Coachella vibes or just having a walk on the beach? In any case, snapbacks match well with denim clothes: from shirt and jackets to the more classic Levi's ripped jeans, maybe with a sporty, loose sweatshirt. For the warmer weather, wear the snapback with denim shorts and cotton t-shirts.
Complete the "celebrity-off-duty" look with sneakers and, most importantly, with sunglasses, from designer brands and dramatically wide - to hide yourself from indiscreet eyes.

Boho Style

For a girly style that needs a bolder twist, snapbacks can also match with mini dresses or 1970s maxi dresses; wear them with brogues or Chelsea boots instead of gym shoes to change your allure.

Choose Your Snapback

Symbol of a relaxed and laid-back style, the most intriguing snapbacks are from the 1990s, when they really became super fashionable. Curious? Click here below to find yours!


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