How to Shop for Vintage Eyewear


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It's the first thing people see on you.
Eyewear is your best introduction to the world when you go out in the morning, both in winter and in summer.

It's more than an accessory - it's an essential, reasoned piece of your wardrobe you need to select and buy with particular care and attention.

Why Choosing Vintage Eyewear

There are so many options for sale, but very few are just as special as authentic vintage eyewear is.
Vintage sunglasses, even the most casual from smaller brands, are a collector's item.
Whether you know the business or not, when facing a good selection of vintage eyewear you soon realize its stylistic and historical significance -
in other words, its ability to tell the charming history of the decade when it was produced.
Vintage glasses styles change depending on their period of production, offering an incredible variety of choice depending on the mood you love the most.
At the same time, you can rest assured you're buying a timeless item, which is very likely supposed to survive to whimsical variations of short-term trends.
Be careful to choose authenticity when shopping "vintage" though:
the difference between "retro/vintage style" eyewear and authentic vintage glasses shows in the details of manufacturing, but also in the strict connection between superior artisanal quality and, normally, a better quality/price ratio compared to modern models.
In order to avoid mistakes, you can just address vintage sellers with experience in the field, who have a deep knowledge of vintage and its options and will be able to provide the correct date for your item.
Wearing vintage glasses or even owning a little collection (please note: buying vintage eyewear does cause addiction) is a real fashion statement.
Those who are more attentive to their style choices know vintage eyewear turns any look into an edgy and sophisticated one, from a sunny working day to chic open air cocktails.

The Most Fashionable Vintage Eyewear to Buy

Some vintage glasses frames are timeless and tend to cyclically come back season after season, year after year.
Here are some you should definitely invest in.

1990s Minimal Eyewear

Matrix-style, essential frames with very small, sharp lenses.
These sunglasses are an icon from the Nineties, riding the nostalgic-futuristic trend which makes cult pieces from the 1990s protagonist of the streetstyle.
Since Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Rihanna and Zoe Kravitz are wearing them on a regular basis, they have become the essence of the coolest style. Sporty but posh.

Vintage Sunglasses Lagerfeld 1990s

1950s Cat-Eye Eyewear

There's nothing more feminine and a bit malicious as cat-eye glasses. The first who understood their potential was Marilyn Monroe, who used to wear them both by day and by night as a symbol of her classy sensuality: other famous elegant ladies followed the trend, like Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot.
An exclusive and timeless piece showing the lost true elegance.

Vintage Sunglasses Angelo Amica Cat Eye


1970s Oversize Eyewear

Just one word: dramatic.
1970s eyewear equals maxi, intense, excessive shapes hiding most part of your face while perfectly keeping a classy mood.
It's all about massive frames, of course, but also fading, vivid, cheeky colours.
These sunglasses definitely make the look by themselves, turning a very simple outfit in a super sophisticated one. The inspiration? Aristocratic Jackie Onassis, the divine Barbra Streisand and übersexy Natalie Wood.

Vintage Sunglasses Dior 1970s


Eyewear has the potential to make you look stylish and beautiful as well.
Selecting your pair of glasses is a need and a subtle pleasure:
A.N.G.E.L.O. offers a wide selection of vintage eyewear, from glasses to sunglasses, from different periods and luxury brands. The selection mainly includes unique pieces: visit our online store to make them yours!

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