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From Friday 7th to Sunday 9th September 2018
Centro Culturale San Gaetano, Padua, Italy

Get excited for September to start because it will see the coolest fashion event having place with Future Vintage Festival. At the Centro Culturale San Gaetano in the super chic city of Padua, the weekend will be dedicated to inspirations between past and future fashion, lifestyle, art and culture.
As usual, the festival is going to be hosting great personalities among celebrities, fashion experts, influencers and the finest vintage exhibitors, alongside with events, concerts and workshops focused on fashion, music and cultural trends.
The topic of this edition, Scegli la strada (Choose the Street), will focus on inspirations and crossroads between underground subcultures and streetstyle, which are revolutioning the luxury, high street and design industries, especially with the 1980s and 1990s fashion and lifestyle.

A.N.G.E.L.O. will be included among the exhibitors with a wider space than ever, with a broader, tailored selection of vintage clothing and accessories.

Furthermore, our fashion archive will curate the Best Company exhibition, aiming to discover the aesthetics and success of the Italian brand during the 1980s and 1990s through its cult piece, the sweatshirt. The exhibition will thus showcase an incredible example of the power of urban subcultures on fashion.

In order to give a more specific context to Best Company's inspirational success story, Angelo Caroli, founder of A.N.G.E.LO., and Olmes Carretti, designer and founder of Best Company, will discuss the cultural setting and journey that made Best Company iconic, during the workshop Cos'è rimasto degli anni '80 e '90?. See you on Sunday, 9th September at 11 am.

Info and tickets: http://www.futurevintage.it/

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