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"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."- Ralph W. Emerson, Philosopher

New Year's resolutions: be yourself.
Don't follow the crowd. Do what you love and don't listen to what other people say. Never take yourself too seriously; laugh even if you seem silly; stay awake until late, be impulsive.

New Year's Eve, even if you don't really like it, is one of the most important night of the year: because it's the perfect time where everything is potentially possible, when wishes and expectations are still at reach.

Whether our ambitions are going be accomplished or not, it's essential to start it right.
That's why “what to do on New Year's Eve” is such a serious thing – it has the psychological meaning of a tennis player's ritual before serving.

You need to start well, from head to heart and – why not – all through your style: surveys show that the way you wear conditions your self-confidence and mitigates your insecurities.

Why choosing a vintage dress for the holidays

Georg Simmel, famous philosopher and sociologist, said that "fashion has the charm of beginnings and ends at the same time, the charm of new and the charm of caducity".

To put it simply, dressing well positively prepares your attitude towards the new and the unexpected; it can make you excited or miserable, it influences your mood and ignites your motivation.

Facing the new year then requires the best style input.
Conventional solutions found in any mall may be good for other people - but those who cannot stand boredom and would rather stand out for their attitude and sophistication, they dress vintage.

It is very unlikely that you'll find someone dressed like you at the cool parties if you choose a vintage dress - it's unique and tells a story. The message is subtle but straight: "I'm not like everyone else".


How to choose the perfect vintage dress

First of all, avoid excess all-over or cheap glitter; the flawless, sexy black will work perfectly fine, possibly in special textures and with precious details.

The black dress, in its long or short version (or in its boyish version, the overalls), will be the perfect canvas.
Details make the difference: choose weightless transparencies gently stroking the legs, rigorous and elegant high necklines or deep rips revealing the back. More hazardous, choose beautiful ruffled skirts.

To make everything more luxurious and opulent, wear warm fur coats and jackets, where you can wrap yourself while strolling around the city in the night.
Choose fur on the edges of leather jackets or chic jackets, or even for the whole coat, from the all-white one to the most colourful one that will keep you warm until the morning cappuccino.


The revolutionary detail: the vintage accessory

The vintage accessory requires even more attention and elegance in the choice, because it completes the look like the last lines of a novel.

From the pumps with golden details to the designer luxury bag, you choose the accessory as a gift from yourself to yourself, and should be then even more exclusive and special.

You should have a special consideration for clutches, with or without strap, which should contain the essential to bring with you: your smartphone to communicate with the world, change for the cab, a business card from an admirer.

Timeless style

Minimal, excessive, luxurious, simple, designer, hand-made, mysterious - these holidays everything is allowed if it represents you.

That's exactly what vintage dressing means: do not plan too much, only look for what you like, explore, lose yourself, have fun.
On the night between the last and the new year, bring with you only the promise to always be faithful to yourself.

A.N.G.E.L.O. Vintage Palace believes in uniqueness and in the emotion of finding the perfect dress.
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Happy New Year's Eve!

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