Magazines that featured A.N.G.E.L.O in their fashion editorials.

D LA REPUBBLICA 12th January 2019

In the issue of 12th January 2019, D La Repubblica presents the London Club fashion editorial, with a vintage accessory from A.N.G.E.L.O. vintage archive.


In the January 2019 issue of Collezioni Bambini - 03 Baby, the fashion editorial Tarantella on TV includes an accessory from A.N.G.E.L.O.

D LA REPUBBLICA 29th September 2018

Nel numero del 29 settembre 2018 di D La Repubblica, il redazionale "Selvaticopunk" include abiti e accessori A.N.G.E.L.O...

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D LA REPUBBLICA 12th January 2019 In the issue of 12th January 2019, D La Repubblica presents the fashion editorial London Club, by photographer Stefano Galuzzi and stylists Davide Brambilla and Matteo Maggini. With a retro touch to a revolutionary, British mood, the photoshoot includes a vintage
COLLEZIONI BAMBINI January 2019 In the issue of January 2019, Collezioni Bambini - 03 Baby published the fashion editorial Tarantella on TV, by photographer Federico Leone and stylists Maddalena Montaguti and Alessia Broccardo. The photoshoot mixes elegant and sportswear pieces for
D LA REPUBBLICA 29th September 2018 In the issue of 29th September 2018, D La Repubblica presents the fashion editorial Selvaticopunk, by photographers Van MOssevelde + N and stylists Roberta Rusconi and Stefania Lorini. The photoshoot focuses on unconventional layering and includes
WHITE SPOSA January 2019 In the issue of January 2019, "The '70 Mood Issue", White Sposa published the fashion editorial Country Lovers, curated by photographers Maddalena Arcelloni and Barbara Ciccognani and stylists Cristina Canovi and Daniela Magginetti. The
D LA REPUBBLICA 15th December 2018 In the issue of 15th December 2018, D La Repubblica released a fashion editorial dedicated to a boho, natural fashion called De rerum natura, curated by editors Laura Bianchi and Giorgia Bove. The photoshoot includes a vintage piece from A.N.G.E.L.O. Vintage
D LA REPUBBLICA 8th December 2018 In its issue of December, 8 2018, D La Repubblica published the fashion editorial Let's rock!, shot by photographers Perry Ogden and Marco Petracupa and styling by Milva Gigli, Annie Lerner and Martina Festa. With strong stylish
DESNUDO ITALIA December 2018 In December 2018, Desnudo Italia Issue 1 Debut! published the fashion editorial Les Liaisons Dangereuses, curated by photographer Davide Musto and stylist Stefano Guerrini. This editorial was shot in the charming location of Palazzo Firenze in Rome and offers an intriguing
VOGUE JAPAN December 2018 In its December 2018 issue, Vogue Japan published the fashion editorial Splendor in the grass, by photographer Camilla Akrans. This photoshoot describes a fresh, comfortable and bucolic fashion through exclusive masculine cuts and a natural careless attitude. It includes
D LA REPUBBLICA LUI 1 December 2018 - A.N.G.E.L.O. In its 1 December 2018 issue, DLui, the men's magazine by Repubblica, included the fashion photoshoot 48 ore agrichic, shot by Andy Massaccesi with styling by Chiara Ficola. The editorial narrates mewnswear from a comfortable and classy point of view,
F MAGAZINE 7th November 2018 F Magazine's issue of 7th Novembre 2018 published Movie Star, curated by photographer Rocio Ramos and stylist Monica Rodegher. The fashion editorial showcases a clean, chic style, with precious details creating a perfect balance between vintage and contemporary items.