A.N.G.E.L.O. - History, from birth to today

Angelo Caroli - the King of vintage

Angelo Caroli began his business at the end of the Seventies.
He was 17 years old and worked for a local radio station offering listeners advice on style. He started buying garments and accessories which for him at the time were innovations. In other words, what was arriving from America: jeans, t-shirts, Hawaiian shirts and military jackets.

In 1978, he opened his first point of sale: a small shop in Via Circondario Sud, 37 in Lugo (RA) where he sold Made in USA clothing all carefully selected, clean and labelled at low prices.
Right from the beginning he began to collect and store garments that according to him are part of the history of fashion.

The word "vintage" at the time does not even exist, I was selling "American used" and the guys were going crazy, while mothers a little less…

Piece by piece, the collection became ever larger and more interesting and the aesthetic attraction soon turned into an idea of recovery and recycling. 
Angelo continues to store garments and accessories for women, men and children from all over the world dating between the middle of the nineteenth century and the Nineties. Iconic garments of the history of fashion but also military, civilian, work and sports garments.

I think fashion is a way to express themselves, to be characterized, to be unique. But it is also an ethical choice which can be, as in the case of the vintage, a choice of recycling and recovery of historic.

On 6 June 1992 a new store was inaugurated and the Vintage Palace was born: inside is the historical archive where the garments and accessories that are not for sale are available for stylistic research by industry operators. The historical archive thus began being visited regularly by designers of the fashion houses and the most influential magazines of the industry of the Nineties.

A.N.G.E.L.O. Vintage Palace is considered, according to most of the initiated, one of the most influential and important vintage clothing stores in Italy and the world and its historical archive is an international benchmark for the entire fashion system.