Tie & Dye: The Beauty of the Unexpected

angelo vintage tie and dye


In a moment in history where codes of conduct seem to proliferate and be more and more strict - telling us what to wear, how to speak, where to go, what to share - you can only experience real lightheartedness when you just have fun.

Having fun” is, in Latin, "divertere", which literally means "taking an unxpected path". In fact, it's the unexpected that gives birth to the most memorable moments.

This is exactly the zeitgeist of the decade between the 1960s and the 1970s, where the thirst for freedom transforms the common sense, encouraging the adoption of a more bohemian attitude in music, arts, lifestyle and even sex life.

Among the trends that were popular during those unique years, tie & dye is maybe the one that embodies and evokes that theoretical and practical devotion to freedom in love and lifestyle the most.

Tie & dye, From Past to Present

The origins of this technique are actually very old and used for different purposes and customs, from India to Africa, from Peru to Japan. Fabrics are tied and dyed in a way that prevents the dye from soaking through certain areas, with different results and patterns every time.

Janis Joplin and John Sebastian, all through Gigi Hadid, Justin Bieber and Beyoncé: the charm of tie & dye has made victims among artists and celebrities of the past and present. Indeed, it makes you think of psychedelic outrageousness and uniqueness at the same time - which was appreciated by hippies in the past and by socialites in present times.

Fashion can be a figure of speech and the mirror of a period in history: social and cultural insecurity can translate into a fashion technique where the result is by its nature unexpected and surprising, which is its sense and quality at the same time.

tie dye vintage angelo

Image source: Cillie News

janis joplin tie dye vintage 1960a

Image source: Pinterest

A trend that was immediately connected with the flower power phenomenon can thus take a more glamour and fashionable twist in its contemporary version - with the blessing of the most important fashion brands along with fashion and arts icon.

How To Wear Tie & Dye Today

When you wear a tie & dye piece, the mind immediately goes to Ibiza, summer and comfort. The key to avoid too many Sixties vibes is to wear it with an cool attitude, maybe one piece at a time, with that casual approach of those that master style easily.

Irony is, in fact, the most modern piece to wear with tie & dye, making it an irresistible statement of originality and coolness.

beyonce tie dye vintage contemporaneo

Beyonce in tie & dye
Image source: Page Six

tie dye vintage justin bieber

Justin Bieber in tie & dye
Image source: Popsugar

A.N.G.E.L.O. likes unconventional paths, taking inspiration from personality, nonconformism, creativity and authenticity.

Our tie & dye is an invitation to give a new interpretation to vintage without any rule, only with a careful technique and contemporary styling.

Part of the tieing process and positioning is handmade, while fabrics are dyed with innovative industrial machines that give stability to the colour and ensure a minimal environmental impact..

The result is a psychedelic rainbow of pieces that are all different in the distribution of colour, like exclusive paintings with a very personal attitude.

The meaning? In style, just like in life, unexpected paths lead to real fun. Regardless of rules.

angelo vintage tie dye

TIe & dye by A.N.G.E.L.O.

angelo vintage giacca tie dye

Tie& dye by A.N.G.E.L.O.

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