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Shoes can give a clue of a man's sense for elegance. In fact, normally, that is something that catches your attention when looking at a gentleman's outfit: shoes can tell so much about his attitude, personality and even potential.

In other words, the right shoes can elevate your style. How to upgrade from average to first class?

Quality Is Non-Negotiable

You only have one life and quality should definitely not be negotiable.

When you buy cheap shoes, or plain footwear, and when you don't check materials, finishings or measurements, you are actually making a bad investment.

It's not only a financial matter: if you don't take care of your purchase, you will spend so much more money on the long term, plus you will waste time and energy to replace it when it's worn out.

The most effective solution is to make the right choice straight away: choose long-lasting quality shoes, which may require one or two repairs at the cobbler in the next few years at the words.

Timeless Classics

For beginners building the essential foundations for their menswear's closet, classic shoes are a safe evergreen staple.

Men, even the sportswear addicted, will always have to attend formal occasions with a smart dress code - sooner or later. Having the appropriate high quality shoes already in your wardrobe ensures the outfit is on point - and lets you sit back and relax.

When we talk elegance and men's footwear, the ultimate essentials are definitely the Oxford shoes, immediately followed by Derbys.

Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are named after the footwear trending in 1825 among the wealthy students of the University of Oxford.

Its main feature is the way it's laced-up: the toe-cap is sewn on the quarters closing on the instep, so that the shoe upper's front and back are put on top of each other. With its five holes for laces, the split is almost invisible when shoes are laced up.


This is the finest design when talking footwear for men. In fact, it's the most classic design for attending formal occasions - especially for weddings.

Indeed, the smooth alternative should be reserved to formal occasions; the brogued alternative, however, can be mixed with so many styles and is still appropriate even on casual occasions, giving "dandy" vibes to the outfit.

Derby Shoes

Derby shoes are even more popular than Oxford shoes and have a less tight fastening than Oxfords.
This feature makes Derbys more appropriate than Oxfords for informal and casual circumstances, and can be matched for example with a good pair of jeans.


Oxford and Derby shoes are often decorated with little holes on the shoe upper. This decoration is called “broguing”.

The original purpose of broguing was quite modest, since it was used to expel water from the shoes of men working in the fields. Yet today, broguing is a decoration that makes shoes even more beautiful, so much it has different names depending on the final result - from "full brogue" (wing-shaped pattern) to "half brogue" (perforated decoration only within the cap toe on the tip of the shoe).

A Targeted Investment

As for all things precious, quality men's shoes require care. You should remember to treat them periodically with polish or specific spray products to keep them in excellent conditions.

However, that's a very small effort if you think about the benefits: choosing men's vintage dress shoes means making an informed, long-term purchase both financially and ethically. It shows that you prefer a status of timeless exclusiveness over cheap trends.

Quality is in the detail and details are what make us unique: details are our best introduction.

A.N.G.E.L.O. strongly believes in quality, which we pursue in each and every of our unique vintage pieces. We are pleased to invite you discover our exclusive selection of vintage men's shoes available on our online store.


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