Research and Inspiration at Vintage Selection #34

vintage selection angelo 2019

Vintage is not only a kaleidoscopic universe mixing eclectic styles, exclusive pieces and the finest brands from the past.
It also is - and increasingly - the ultimate source of inspiration for creatives and designers: innovation in fashion also happens when details, shapes, textiles and structures are thoroughly examined, learning to look at the art of design from new different perspectives.

In fact, if quality is a value that must be protected, as well as a discipline we have been taught for centuries, then treasuring it with a future-oriented mind can create extraordinary synergies.

A.N.G.E.L.O. at Vintage Selection #34

Every six months, fashion professionals, from top buyers to designers, gather at Vintage Selection, one the major trade shows for vintage clothing, accessories, design items and creative inspiration.

A.N.G.E.L.O. attends every edition with a curated selection of vintage clothing and accessories: for the 34th edition, we introduced our picks at the beautiful Fortezza da Basso, in the heart of Florence, on the 26th, 27th and 28th of June 2019.

Exclusivity, originality, quality and creative impulses: we scrupulously select our vintage clothing to meet the inspirational needs of fashion professionals and boost their creativity, including cult and luxury pieces, from the finest designer bags through the most coveted denim items to tailored clothing. The best of vintage fashion, giving different feelings to every single person.

Studying an original detail, shape or fabric from the past with a personal, creative touch leads to the innovative thoughts that shape future trends.

vintage selection angelo


angelo vintage selection florence


Style Loops: Heritage and Innovation

The common thread in this edition is indeed Back To The Roots: in other words, the importance of heritage and its critical value for creative processes in fashion companies.

Our archive, collaborating with companies and cultural institutions for fashion research and exhibition with our collection of more than 150.000 pieces, curated the outfits for the Style Loops exhibition. Connected with the main topic of the trade show, the exhibition introduced real "style couples": on the one hand, the vintage interpretation; on the other, its contemporary evolution. Demonstrating how design takes so much inspiration, in many unexpected ways, right from the past.

florence vintage selection


angelo vintage selection florence


angelo vintage archive selection


vintage selection angelo exhibition


For Style Loops, A.N.G.E.L.O. Vintage Archive selected vintage suggestions translated and developed for our times: from the parka jacket to the perfecto, from denim to marinière, all through the military jumpsuit and underwear, in a virtuous circle that values vintage fashion and enriches contemporary fashion. A cyclical process offering unlimited possibilities to creativity.

vintage selection style loops


angelo vintage exhibition archive


vintage selection angelo archive


style loops vintage selection angelo



When future is nourished with heritage, it becomes an even more fertile ground to conceive innovation.
That's why the preservation of past fashion ensures that the light of imagination is always on for those who, everyday, make the beautiful, multiform world of fashion their job.

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