New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas With Vintage Pieces

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What to wear on New Year's Eve?
The question is tricky: somehow it's one of those traditions we like to follow.
Every single December we buy Advent calendars and decorate the Christmas tree, and in the same way we start thinking (more or less intensely) about how we are going to dress to all those parties with exquisite food and people we love, while the most promising of all nights approaches - New Year's Eve.

Maybe Gotthold Ephraim Lessing is a name that's only known among philosophy academics or Enlightenment enthusiasts - however, curiously enough, he's the author of a very well-known expression: "the waiting of pleasure is a pleasure itself".
It's a concept that actually fits very well with the exciting - yet stressful - process of choosing what to wear for spending the night with someone we love.

This year, the goal should be to think differently and really enjoy the ritual of dressing up.
The challenge?
Finding outfits for the holiday season that really resemble you.
Something that says more about you, what you like, what you enjoy doing and what makes you feel free.
"What" to wear shouldn't be as important as "how" things we wear define our story.

From the night at the club to the house party, our personality will be what makes the difference.
So our wish (and resolution) is that you let your personality shine and that you show it off proudly and lightheartedly, starting from your outfit.
That's how choosing your outfit will be a real pleasure.

Here's our curated selection of unique vintage pieces that tell your (and their own) story, with beauty and authenticity.
The way the finest, exclusive pieces do.

This is pure inspiration: you are the one who will combine these pieces. This holiday season is the right time to offer yourself the freedom to (really) express yourself.

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