How To Choose Your (Vintage) Wedding Dress

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Choosing your wedding dress is a very private moment.
Though our modern thirst for speed and public exposure are an integral part in our present time, the ritual of choosing your wedding dress still has its magic and offers a glimpse into the slow pace of the past.
Today, just like yesterday, future brides have lived their own experiences and have their own needs and wishes.
Looking for the perfect wedding dress means putting your own personal vision first: here are a few suggestions that will make this experience a pure delight.

Your Wedding Dress Is Personal

Even though the choice of the wedding dress is the classic thing everyone needs to tell their opinion about, it's essential that the bride still manages to follow her heart and brain.

On your big day, you will be right in the spotlight and that's why it will be more important that you feel good than pleasing your mum, mother-in-law, friends etc. You will regret it.

If the dress you choose really reflects your personality, attitude and style - or even your whim for something different for once - everyone will be happy and you will be more calm and radiant.

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Perfectionism Is Allowed

Today, we are not used to really taking care of what we wear, and we don't even take the time to really enjoy our shopping experience.

If there is still room for perfectionism when choosing what to wear, it's when you're looking for your wedding dress.

Don't be shy: future brides are allowed to daydream about any kind of dress, from mermaid shape dresses to the princess-like ones, including all kind of fabrics, from silk to chiffon to lace.

It's not about being vain: choosing your wedding dress should also be a time to pamper yourself.

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Be Unique

If there's something that really annoys a bride, it's finding herself to be identical to another one.

Willing or not, style is one of the things that make you stand out from the crowd as an individual, in the everyday life and especially on your wedding day.

Looking for inspiration is completely fine, but you will have more fun in the process if you make style decisions that really stress your distinctive features. Shape, fabrics, accessories: any detail will show who you are.

Why would anyone choose to wear any wedding dress?

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Choose A Vintage Wedding Dress

Choosing a vintage wedding dress is one of the finest solutions and have several side benefits as well (we already discussed that here).

Exclusive, eclectic, high-quality and charming: a vintage wedding dress is just unique - and that's why it's even more fascinating.

A.N.G.E.L.O. offers a wide, high-quality range of vintage wedding dresses and the finest accessories to highlight your personal style and your own traits.

We welcome future brides to discover an intimate corner where our team will offer customized advice and styling suggestions, with meticulous attention to your needs during this journey.

You can already check out part of our curated selection of vintage wedding dresses on our online store and come try them on in our store, where you will discover even more exclusive pieces.


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