6+ Ideas For A Vintage Valentine's Day

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With love, there are no rules.
No matter how much we try, we cannot close our prey in a scheme, a strategy or a math problem - attraction has almost nothing to do with logic.

The result is a complicated, haunting emotional anarchy. Because beauty, wit and brains themselves are not enough to make sure someone will fall in love for us.
However, there might be a common thread connecting all of us in the seduction game: it's charm.

"Charm", from Latin carmen, means "incantation".
It is a sort of magical power, a supernatural influence, an invisible, magnetic disturbance that makes compasses go crazy.

The question is, how do you achieve that, or even make it show on the surface? It is not so easy since the essence of charm is the result of limitless, complex variables tightly connected to our past and personality.
It depends from an enchanting mix of our attitude, our way to express ourselves and, consequently, our own style.

You can learn so much about charm from vintage fashion - even on how to use it in your favour.
Wearing a vintage piece means giving value to aesthetics, with the grace of deep thoughts; giving importance to wisdom, while appreciating the excellence of accuracy; and finally, encouraging the magnetic influence of an engaging story.

In a world like ours, often in quest of waste and conformity, authenticity and uniqueness are a privilege, something you can be proud of and should cultivate and protect.

A.N.G.E.L.O. invites you to enjoy a more authentic Valentine's Day, focusing on your charm: with the touch of a vintage piece that will make you different from everyone else. Discover it on our online store through our selection of cult vintage clothing and accessories.

Tell more about yourself through your style and be authentic. Nothing is more charming than a true story.

Have a sweet Valentine's Day!

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